Bring your SKIN back to LIFE

Skin ageing is a REAL THING and it starts from the moment we are born and unfortunately it happens to ALL of us.  However we can slow the process down and help ease the signs of skin ageing with MARY COHR.


  • Wrinkles/ fine lines
  • Age spots
  • Thinning skin / sensitive
  • Sagging/ Loss of skin tone
  • Sun damage/ Dark spot

The NEW YOUTH RANGE by Mary Cohr has been specifically formulated to treat ageing skin by working on a cellular level as well as by minimising the appearance of ageing skin. 

Integral to the New Youth Range is the Cellular Life Complex.  This complex was developed to aid burn victims in regenerating their skin. 

The Cellular Life Complex contains 56 active ingredients, including trace elements, essential vitamins and minerals to promote skin rejuvenation, oxygenation and cell renewal and longevity.  


The New Youth Range also works to;

  • Boost collagen and elastin synthesis for a visible toning and lifting effect. 
  • Improve cell cohesion to strengthen epidermis to prevent water loss and dehydration.

In summary, this range is the comprehensive solution to treat all signs of ageing.  The range includes a serum, moisturisers, eye, neck, hand and lip care products.


As part of our WINTER WARMER specials, we have created the NEW YOUTH FACIAL, a glimpse of how the range can turn back signs of ageing.  Book in yours today and while at the spa, if you purchase 3 or more NEW YOUTH products you will receive 10% off.