The French Way of Caring For Your Skin

The French are a nation of exceptional complexion (men and women) and as a result have been a constant source of skinspo for the rest of the world.

Here at Masque Day Spa, we value the French way of caring for your skin.


The fundamentals to the French way of caring for the skin are; prevention is always best and consistency.

Christine Clais (author of French Complexion) told the Huffington Post Australia recently in an interview, “There’s a common misconception that to attain glowing skin you must invest a lot of time and follow an endless skincare ritual. Untrue! What matters the most is consistency.” (,

Consistency in your home care regime and by visiting an expert regularly for a facial treatment. 

In France, a monthly visit to the salon for a facial is part of life.  Home care is about properly cleansing on a daily basis, of using an eye cream and a moisturiser that suits your skin.  Not that complicated, right?

Compared to some skin care regimes, the French way is simple. It is also time and budget friendly for it can be customised. Through consistency the skin is better protected, hydrated and cared for. Hence, why it is of no surprise that people in France commence their skin care regime as young as 15 years old. 

They understand that prevention is key.  What they do to care for their skin today paves the road for the future health of their skin.  This is in contrast to the current skin treatments such as needling, chemical peels and laser where we are treating an existing condition and trying to ‘fix’ the damage already done on the skin.

The other significant factor to the French way is the products they use.  The French approach is one that emphasises hydration and nourishment.  Harsh products or treatments can lead to a weakening off the barrier function of your skin, which in turn causes dehydration, skin irritation and premature ageing.

Masque Day Spa is proud stockists of two professional French skincare brands, Mary Cohr and Payot.  Both of these brands are formulated to be effective yet gentle on the skin.  Mary Cohr is an aromatherapy based skin care range that uses the best natural ingredients and essential oils to treat all skin types and conditions.

Want to learn more about the French way of skin care? Book in your consultation today at Masque.